Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring makes a difference! Scenic Falls

I have been trying to get decent pictures of Scenic Falls for ages! This is one of the main problems with Hamilton waterfalls - they can be kind of elusive and unpredictable sometimes! But right now is the absolute perfect time to go see one - lots of water from spring rains, but the ground has also dried up enough that you are not slipping in mud, and most of all, everything is getting so green!

Unfortunately I missed the beginnings of green for this past hike, but I was just glad to get out and to enjoy a sandwich by a gorgeous waterfall. Scenic falls is along the Chedoke Radial Trail, which is so great for biking, doing stairs or jogging as well as being able to access some other falls. I have missed Hamilton dearly and it was so wonderful to be able to go ten minutes from my house and be surrounded with trees. Scenic Falls is about a twenty minute walk heading west down the trail, if you start at the parking lot of the Chedoke Golf Course. You are also able to pass by a few other falls; right off the trail you can see Mountview Falls and Upper Princess Falls, and if you want to go a bit into the brush, Cliffview Falls and Westcliffe Falls (upper and lower for both) are right at the parking lot of the golf course. Chedoke Falls can also be found eastwards down the trail.

Scenic falls is marked on the righthand side of the trail with a blue Bruce Trail marker, signifying an offshoot trail. There's a stone wall that is cool to explore and lets you sit at the top of the falls, and there is also a bit of a trail that can take you down to the bottom, but it disappears around halfway down.

I should maybe invest in a tripod...

This is what the falls looked like last summer...
basically just wet rock.

Scenic Falls is a good waterfall for something that is accessible but still a bit out of the way. Spring is when a lot of Hamilton's hidden waterfalls come out, so now is a great (and limited) opportunity to check some out!

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