Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Westcliffe Falls, Cliffview Falls, and their Lower counterparts!

I hope you like waterfalls that come out of pipes! Because I've got a couple here for you. Actually, they were pretty cool, and fun to discover. We were looking for Upper Princess Falls but happened upon these four guys instead! (stay tuned for our geocaching adventure at Princess Falls!)

Getting to the Lower falls is pretty straightforward, but you'll have to do a bit of climbing and/or rummaging through the bush to get to the upper falls. You can start at the parking lot for the Chedoke Golf Course and if you are facing the escarpment, head right down the Radial Trail. It is right at the exit from the parking lot - what you are watching for is something that I am pretty sure is a sewer opening... it's fenced off and there is a big box, but you will hear water - follow that sound! It will be on the lefthand side of the trail. 

If you're coming from up the mountain, you can park at Cliffview Park (26 Upper Paradise Road, by way of Scenic Drive) and head down the Chedoke stairs. Once you are halfway down there is a break in the stairs where you will be able to follow the Bruce Trail to the right - when you see this, you need to get off the stairs and go left. There is no trail, but you will come upon the stream that leads to Cliffview Falls, and you will be able to follow it to the Upper Falls, Lower Falls, and to Westcliffe Falls as well.
It is not a huge stream, but if you follow it up only for a minute you will see Lower Westcliffe and Lower Cliffview Falls, and at the bottom of these falls their tributaries merge into the stream you will have been following. On the left is Lower Cliffview, and on the right is Lower Westcliffe. Neither of them have a ton of water, but what are you going to do...

Lower Cliffview Falls
Lower Westcliffe Falls

Kind of gooey...
It is a bit challenging to try and get to the top of either of these... there isn't really a trail, and even though neither of them are particularly high, there are just a lot of loose rocks and dirt that can make it a bit precarious to get up and over the ledge. 

Once we got up we followed the stream on the right side to Westcliffe Falls. Though not impressive in terms of waterflow, we actually really enjoyed it! It is a unique waterfall, and it's in a bit of a crevice, and it's actually quite tall!

To get to Cliffview Falls we followed the stream back to where we initially came upon the two lower falls, and followed the other stream. They are pretty close together, but again there is no path so you have to venture through the bush.

This one was a bit less exciting than Westcliffe Falls... I'm sure it would be beautiful with more water!

The rock face is actually pretty interesting in person. But maybe you just want to take my word for it...

From these waterfalls you can easily see at least four more off of the Chedoke Radial Trail... it is so perfect for a relaxing hike with some pretty cool scenery you can stop off at every once in a while. I finished off the rest of the waterfalls in this area, and even had a successful run at geocaching! More on that soon!

Nearby Waterfalls: Upper and Lower Chedoke Falls, Denlow Falls, Mountview Falls, Upper and Lower Princess Falls, Scenic Falls


  1. Did you find the geocache there? There's one hidden right by the top, by Westcliffe falls ;)

    1. oh, cool! We found the geocache by Upper Princess Falls, but I think we will definitely be checking out some others in the area! :)

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