Monday, July 30, 2012

Why don't I check the weather? A case study with Ball's Falls and Albion Falls.

I've learned an important lesson in my most recent hikes, and that is to check the weather! Or, at least to take the weather seriously when you do check it. The past couple hikes I have been on recently have been on complete opposite sides of the spectrum - one waterfall was bone dry, and the other was gushing a terrifying amount.

The dry one was Ball's Falls, which isn't actually a Hamilton waterfall, but is still one of my favourites in the area! The friends I went with were easygoing enough, and were not too disappointed by the lack of a waterfall, but I honestly could not believe how dry it was! There was not even a trickle, the riverbed was cracking. It was kind of cool to be able to sit on top of the cliff though, and see the rock formations. I also greatly enjoyed throwing rocks off the top - mine made the biggest splash.

This is supposed to be a waterfall...

Luckily I have some photos from a couple of years ago when my Mom and I visited Ball's Falls. We had a great day hiking and exploring fruit stands and shops in the area! It makes a great day trip (when there is water of course...), and if you are interested in old farmhouses, stables, fruit drying sheds and ploughs, it's all here, as the property used to be a little town dating back to the 19th Century. You can walk into the different buildings, and it's really cute! There are Upper and Lower falls to explore, and lots of other trails!

 I'll have to bring my friends back here another time... it is so, so beautiful!

As for the wet, wet falls I saw, Albion Falls has instilled a new respect in me for water!

I started my hike from Buttermilk Falls, and followed the stream to where it joined with the stream running from Albion. There is not much of a trail here, but it is still fun climbing over rocks and fallen trees. We headed upstream, and there is a path on the side of the river that makes for a relatively accessible hike! Halfway through it started pouring but we kept on going. It is easy to underestimate the power of water, especially when you think of something as just a regular Hamilton waterfall. I was amazed at how quickly the water rose - it was as if someone had opened a dam at the top of the falls! The pictures I have are taken within forty minutes of each other:

Doesn't that blow your mind? I would not recommend hiking by a waterfall in a rainstorm... seeing how quickly something like this can happen is chilling! That'll be my public service announcement for the day...

It is hilarious how opposite my most recent waterfall experiences have been; hopefully now that we have had a bit of rain I will be able to find something of a middle ground!


  1. Wow that is a lot of water at Albion Falls. We just went there with our kids recently and was beautiful. It had been along time since we had gone. Nice pictures. Balls Falls is nice also.

  2. That's crazy! Mindblowing, even. I haven't seen a single Hamilton waterfall and I think it's mostly Chris's fault for not showing me. I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog.

    1. What, not a single one! I will have to have a talk with Chris... this is quite upsetting to hear. I'm glad my blog can be of service!